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7 Key Benefits of Google Adwords

Through Google Ads, you can promote business, products, or services to targeted audiences. The idea of investing in Adwords might appear intimidating. Nevertheless, there is almost no delay in results and they are clear. Therefore, investing in it should not be a concern. Some key benefits of using Google Adwords are:

1. Google Adwords Produce Faster Results

One of the core benefits of google ads is that it is relatively faster. Creating more traffic and leads through search engine marketing is both the aim of SEO and Google Adwords. However, Google Adwords is relatively faster. Businesses that work well on their google ads campaign can get the top spot in search quickly.

Some of its benefits are that multiple keywords can be targeted at once, the campaign can be turned on or off at any time, and ads that appear at the top of the page are seen immediately. These are just a few of the reasons why it is faster and more efficient.

It doesn’t mean that you overlook organic sources, as they provide long-term results. Although Adwords drive you greater instant leads. Moreover, Google AdWords is also more transparent than Facebook in the sense that you know exactly what’s happening with your ads.

It’s Comparison with SEO

Search engine optimization has countless benefits, but it is a relatively lengthy process. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to achieve high rankings for keywords, as well as well-written content combined with strategic backlinks.

In a nutshell, google ads produce instant results at an instant price. On the other hand, search engine optimization can help you achieve a long-term presence on the Internet, provided you are willing to put in the effort needed to produce quality content.

However, the argument is not which strategy is better. It is important to use both simultaneously, but be realistic about the time frame in which they would begin to pay off. It may take months to achieve measurable results.

2. Brand Awareness can be Increased

Google Adwords can not only drive traffic but also attract potential customers to your brand, increasing your overall brand awareness. Google and Ipsos conducted a study across 12 industries, which showed that search ads can increase brand awareness by as much as 6.6%.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process that combines various techniques to help you rank higher in the search engines. It depends on the number of searches and their variations of your brand name.

It is another reason that you should take advantage of both search engine optimization and display advertising to raise your business’s brand awareness. In today’s competition, overlooking one for the other is not an option.

3. Increases your Customer Reach through Gmail

To advertise their businesses, many companies use email marketing. Email marketing can be an effective way to reach potential customers, Gmail Ads can also be helpful in this regard. Google integrated Gmail ads with Google AdWords. Now you can reach more prospects through their Gmail inbox.

In most cases, Gmail ads appear in the promotions tab, with the occasional promotion appearing in the social tab. The ads appear on both mobile devices and desktops as well as other devices.

As Google AdWords search ads usually cost more than Gmail ads, small-budgeted businesses can also try running Gmail ads. This is a very effective google ads strategy for small businesses which is not known by many.

4. Consistently Evaluate your Performance

It is very difficult to accurately determine the effectiveness of traditional advertisements. In addition, they are more expensive than Google Adwords. It’s not possible to control your budget and spending. Furthermore, It is impossible to tell where your leads are coming from.

However, Adwords would tell you exactly what happened with the campaign. You would know:

  • Amount of leads generated.
  • Cost per lead.
  • Who clicked the ad.
  • The keyword that brought the most traffic.
  • Your website traffic from Adwords.

This would provide marketers with insights into what worked and what didn’t. Using that data, you can make modifications to your campaign that will increase your results.

5. Provides an Edge Over Competitors

A big advantage of Google Adwords for small businesses is that it will help you compete with bigger companies. Though budget is a very big factor in your ads campaign but still planning your campaign smartly will separate you from others.

It is important to keep an eye on your competitors’ activities and marketing efforts. Google Adwords lets you monitor your competitors transparently. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way so you can stand out from the competition.

When someone searches for something related to your product/service online while you are advertising when your competitors are not. They lose instant business opportunities which give you an edge over your competitors.

6. Google Ads will Help you Discover More

By connecting your Adwords and Analytics accounts, you can explore a lot more data that will help you set better strategic goals. Adwords is an excellent tool, but it does not tell you what people do after clicking on an ad. However, you can use Google Analytics to get this information.

Through Google analytics you would know:

  • Visitor information, such as new visitors and returning visitors.
  • An estimate of how long visitors stayed on a page
  • How many people bounce off your landing page
  • How many pages have been visited

By connecting them, you will have a lot more data at your disposal. Advertisers can suspend keywords, campaigns, or ads that are not profitable and then try different variations to optimize revenue. By measuring keywords that perform best for your business, you can use the data to create more articles and posts using those terms. 

7. Remarketing to Previously Visited Customers

A remarketing campaign is launched once you’ve identified people who have visited your brand website, which allows you to remarket to them and get them back to the site. Ecommerce businesses can benefit significantly from remarketing because they can encourage viewers who left the site to see it again and make a purchase.

One of the benefits of implementing remarketing into a digital marketing strategy is that remarketing can easily be combined with other digital marketing segments.

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