Minivitality Facebook Ads Case Study

About The Company:

As part of our advertising campaign in 2019, Minivitality worldwide, an eCommerce brand reached out to us. On their Shopify website, they had a variety of products aimed at kids. However, their Facebook advertisements had a poor conversion rate. Their products include baby toys and other products that enable parents to take care of their children. 

At our initial meeting, we reviewed their website and Facebook ads interface to see how they are performing and what mistakes they are making that are preventing them from achieving a good ROAS.


A few of the mistakes we identified in the first meeting included not having an appropriate landing page for products, mishandling the conversion API, setting the price inappropriately, and targeting that was not professional. We signed a contract and gained access to the Facebook business manager in order to monitor all matrices in detail. It was a newly launched brand, so they made many mistakes and lost 4500$ on advertising without having a single purchase. There was a problem with setting up events correctly and since iOS 14 and 14.5 it’s mandatory to record events directly from the server through the conversion API.

Our Strategy

We began their setup from scratch using our self-driven strategies, which we had already implemented on other e-commerce brands and achieved more than 10X ROI. Preneurverse has a highly experienced and creative team and they all contributed to scaling this brand. Our developers built product landing pages, writers wrote persuasive ad copies, video editors created 1080 by 1080 eye-catching videos, and marketing experts launched campaigns to test all the interests and observe metrics to identify the right targeting and interests


In Facebook ads, initial some days are always the testing phase. So by launching various campaigns using different interests, multiple creatives, and multiple ad copies we noticed an improvement in various matrics. After 5 days we got our first purchase. We replicated performing interests and ad creatives then we start getting sales. After testing various things we scaled this store in the second month. In total three months we spent about $15,172 on Facebook and generated more than $100K of total revenue subtracting the product cost and other expenses, this store generated more than 50000 dollars in 3 months. The owner was very happy with the results and still working with us to further scale it.

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