Pearl Whites Google Ads Case Study

About The Company:

A company in Arizona, US, called Pearl White has been running PPC campaigns for a long time. They specialize in teeth whitening as well as providing remote services. They met us in Feb 2019 after their contract ended with a previous digital marketing agency. They are booking clients through digital media, so PPC advertising through Google Adwords and other media helps them add new clients. After signing the contract, we took over the account and found several ways to generate more and more leads.


We identified a few errors based on evaluating various matrixes, landing pages, and content. We identified four major mistakes that they were making during their PPC campaigns.

  1. The first problem they faced was the poor conversion on their landing page. Many of the people who visited the site would click on these ads, but few took time to enter information about themselves to help them find new prospects or products they might be interested in buying! 

  2. Before becoming our client, Pearl White had difficulty with customer acquisition. The issue was that they needed to provide value and build relationships with potential customers. Still, they didn’t have any strategies for this type of situation – which caused them to struggle wildly, as seen by their low conversion rates on their website’s pages where people are supposed to convert from prospects to paying customers.

  3. Managing them becomes an unstructured hassle without having the analytics from ad campaigns. Our client started without an effective measurement and analysis strategy, making it challenging to control ad spend effectively. 

  4. The account was also running poorly because it lacked some basic PPC optimizations. Making these simple changes had a massive impact on the company’s client acquisition and profitability!

Solutions We Provided:

  1. We scrapped the “Contact Us” page and used specific, tailored ad copy to ensure the message matched our funnel. We stopped explaining features but instead focused on benefits: This simple fix caused skyrocketing conversions!

  2. By diving deep into specific topics, we gave readers a clear understanding of the problem at hand while also providing research data and its context. This strategy helped us collect leads without first asking visitors for their contact information!

  3. Now we can see each user’s campaign, source, and medium. By pinpointing an ad’s exact location for every person who saw it, our client was able to answer some essential questions. Perhaps most importantly – “why are people visiting this particular place on Google Maps?”

  4. We’ve found the perfect keywords for your campaign, but they might not be exactly what you were looking for.

  5. That’s why we added a ton of negative keywords and refined our demographics to pinpoint who is most likely to convert on this page – young adults between 18-24 years old living in Los Angeles!

  6. Now when someone searches “led lights” or even “light bulbs,” there will only be one result: yours (and now their) conversion incentives can easily reap the rewards because these people want something specific from us instead of just browsing around—online waiting. 

  7. We will create unique landing pages for each campaign, A/B testing different copies to find the best conversion rate. We’ll also work together on refining bidding strategies and maximizing the ROI of your ad campaigns with data-driven decision-making in mind! 


After working with pearl whites, finally, we generated good results and increased the CTR up to 39% and conversion rate up to 78%. A 39% increase in CTR means we were attracting exemplary visitors. And when the right kind of visitors click on our ads and get a highly targeted landing page, our conversion rates shoot up — in this case, to 78%.


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