Spine Health SEO Case Study

About The Company:

Spine Health is a well-known company in the health care industry. They provide various services, including physical therapy, spinal fusion, massage therapy, yoga, back surgery, and many more. They have highly trained health coaches and doctors. Having proven results and a track record of converting leads into clients, they approached us in Sep 2017 to help them book a higher ranking on Google for their website.


After signing the first contract with spine health we did an audit of their website to analyze its performance and make decisions. They had no issues with their website but did not rank well for the target keywords in local Google searches. Also, spine health had no over-optimization, but they lacked a lot of links. Although keywords can be found in the top 100, being ranked in the top 10 is more important. In those situations, our “easy wins analysis” is most helpful.

The Actions We Took:

Upon discovering these issues during our audit, we proceeded to make the necessary changes to improve the site. It was important to us that the website flow was good since we know that if a user is having difficulty navigating a site, they are more likely to click “bounce” and move onto another option. 

Easy Site Navigation = Higher Leads 

Our SEO specialists identified more than 1000 keywords with high ranking on pages 3-4 and traffic ranging from 10 – 9,600ms, with a CPC between .75 cents and $8. 

On this site, we found 103 keywords with volumes ranging between 150 – 2900 ms, with similar PPC costs. Utilizing new technology and industry trends, we selected a few keywords and high priorities based on the customer’s business goals (this is why we work exclusively with our clients, so we better understand the customer’s goals).


Our main focus is centered around getting our client ranked on the first page of google search, since there was already plenty of content on their site, we were able to get this website on google’s first page in three months. You can see their results in the graph below.

Why You Should Choose Preneurverse for Your SEO Needs

To ensure your website gets noticed, and to ensure you are able to attract visitors, you should establish a competitive SEO campaign. Search engine optimization takes a lot of effort; it’s not just a one-time event. At Preneurverse, we are proud of the fact that we create SEO campaigns that are strategic and include engaging content. This combination of engaging content and strategic SEO campaigns will bring people to your pages, but also keep them there so you will get a better chance of converting visitors to customers.